A Guide to Buying Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contacts are similar to normal contacts, except they change the color of your iris. There are tons of colors available for any eye color and are inserted and removed like normal prescription contacts, which are also available in tinted or opaque colors. The pigment is surrounding the pupil so it does not affect eyesight ability and gives the wearer a beautiful new eye color! This is ideal for users who want to enhance or change their eye color completely, and all types of colored contact lenses are easily accessible.

They were invented in 1981 to give customers the eye color they want short-term, and it was a success. As of today, there are endless types of contacts available; from Halloween-themed to daily wear, there is a product out there for everyone.

There are three main types of colored contacts: visibility tint, enhancement tint, and opaque tint. The visibility tint is intended for better eyesight and does not change the eye color much, just how you perceive light. This is not ideal for someone wanting to change their entire eye color completely, but they are still available for purchase. Enhancement tint is generally for lighter-colored eyes and brightens the color that is already there. These work best with light-colored eyes and only change the color slightly. The opaque tint is unique in that it completely changes the user’s eye color, and this can be used for daily wear, cosplay, Halloween costumes, and more. If you are looking for colored lenses, keep in mind these three categories you can buy so you know what to look for in colored lenses.

You can order them through your optometry office and they can be prescription or non-prescription. Your doctor will know what type is best for your eyes and you will soon have the eye color you want! You are also able to order lower-quality contact lenses on off-brand websites while still getting a new or enhanced eye color. Non-prescription contacts can be bought at Halloween stores, retailers, and online.